Homogenous Blob

As the article on cybertyping puts it, there is no race. There is no distinction on being white, black, male female. However, no matter what you are in real life, it is assumed through the internet that you are white. Avatars can be customized with almost any color combination or body part combination, but everyone assumes that you are white. Everyone is able to hide their true identity on the internet and assume a new or different persona. Who is to say that the nice girl you are talking to is really not an old fat balding guy with no social life outside the house? Is that person that you are talking to really an innocent guy? Which leads me to another assumption that is based on the gender of your avatar- if you pick a male avatar it is assumed that you are male in real life, even if you are actually female. If you have a female avatar, people make assumptions on your real life gender based on your language patterns. I know one person who plays an mmorpg that is in real life female- but her avatar is male-everyone assumes that she is male in real life- just because she has a male avatar. In the same mmorpg I know of several people that are female avatars, but unless I have heard their voice, they could be either male or female, just because their language patterns fall in the middle.


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