From reading the section  of “What is an author” it seems that Foucalt is talking about different things that actually define what an author is and how they are different from other ordinary people in their community. He talks about how the author is immortalized by the very act of writing, where his thoughts and ideas will live long after he dies because his words are written down. Foucalt does remark that after the author dies, what do we put into a collection that could be his work? What of everything he has written is considered part of an author’s work? Foucalt also talks a little about how an author’s upbringing does play a part in how the author puts his ideas to paper. One section that I was not sure of is why he talks about how an author’s name plays a role in who is considered an author. Does a person’s name really matter? I mean we read the works of Homer-which might be a collection of people, but we would still read them even if it was called by another name, because we like the stories of Homer, which are the Iliad and the Odyssey. I’m also not sure as why he makes a distinction that only some things have authors, while others, like a declaration or a letter, only have writers…..


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