Shut up or I’m turning this car around….

Not much can keep todays kids entertained anywhere, least of all in the car, unless they are multitasking 20 activities to keep them occupied. Not so with this new form of GPS usage being researched in Sweden where they are taking a laptop and GPS system combination to track where the car is and to integrate the cars surroundings into a murder mystery.

The basic idea is to start the game off in a primarily audio-based murder mystery scenario where “actual forests, skyscrapers, and rivers” become part of the story, giving children (or adults, too) a way to virtually interact with their surroundings while traveling. The laptop uses the GPS data to maintain a 3D model which keeps the vehicle correctly positioned in the virtual world, and much “like a novel,” the story unfolds as different turns (ahem) take place based on the decisions players make

If this technology ever gets to the states one of two things would happen. 1. Families who still travel by car would get to their destination with far more sanity intact than in previous years(It definitely beats what I used to do while traveling in the back seat…watch t.v. or play my gameboy) or 2. Create more traffic atrocities  as this would easily fall under the distract everyone in the car idea, where the driver is not excluded from participating. Probably one of the only ways to keep the driver from participating would be to give them headphones(which is illegal by the way) or require that the backseat passengers have headphones to keep the driver from hearing it

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