Curiosity killed the tech student…

Movie Mania : if your wanting to know if a movie is worth your 9 dollars to see, then this is a site for you. It talks about the actors, the plots and anything else you might want to know about things coming out on the silver screen. This site has many posters that cover a range of topics from movie plots and actors to justice being served. Here you can also get links to blogs from some of the people who make the movies as well.

If you’re interested in todays technology then check this site out. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, written by Awesom-o, it covers a variety of artificial intelligence  and robotic updates that have the possibility of becoming common  technology and everyday household items from small huggable creatures to better faster processors. It even has stories that concern fictional technology being put to use in the home.

Here are a few links that might be of interest to you as well, even if they may or may not be true blogs: behind the scenes at Disney, the inner workings of everyday items, another movie list, and photoshop nerds. I found some of these sites while poking around on Google searching for blogs that might interest me involving animatronics and special effects. And in case you are wondering, the image I have at the top is a picture that I found of some baby penguins that I took into photoshop. I gave the baby penguins the beer bottle and the Starbucks cup. The posture of the baby penguin on the left is what led me to do the picture. He already looked a little drunk, and the one on the right looked a little buzzed on caffeine too.


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