Portal to a strange mind…

Hello there. This is my blog created for my use during my class. Here I hope to share devious insights to my own little world, whether they be mundane or down right weird to most folks, but first a little information about myself. I like animatronics! You know- the Terminator endoskeleton, the Jurassic Park dinosaurs, Johnny5(# 5 from Short Circuit), etc. I could go on for hours naming characters and movies that have had some small special effect to bring about their story. The behind-the-scenes effects have always fascinated me since I was about 5 years old when I saw a mini movie on the Jim Henson hour called the Monster Maker. As of recent I have been starting to make some of my own costumes, even though they are slow going in the process, what with having to fit them all into a jumbled up schedule. I know one costume I have made has made an appearance around campus- at the request of some of the teachers! I am working on more costumes that I hope to have finished before Halloween…


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