Psyched out of the virtual world..

Remediated worlds will work, that is if you can fool the brain. With the technologies coming out, it is indeed possible in the near future to create worlds that do not exist outside of a pair of glasses. Whats needed is technology that can sync up perfectly with the functions of the brain:

The research reveals that “the sense of having a body, of being in a bodily self,” is actually constructed from multiple sensory streams, said one expert on body and mind, Dr. Matthew M. Botvinick, an assistant professor of neuroscience at Princeton University. Usually these sensory streams, which include vision, touch, balance and the sense of where one’s body is positioned in space, work together seamlessly, Dr. Botvinick said. But when the information coming from the sensory sources does not match up, the sense of being embodied as a whole comes apart. The brain, which abhors ambiguity, then forces a decision that can, as the new experiments show, involve the sense of being in a different body.

If the brain is fooled in such a fashion, then the source disappears visually. It is possible that an entire suit would be needed to fool the body with the brain and so that would not disappear, but if the brain and senses are in another world then its possible that what is outside might not even be seen. If  you are immersed deeply enough into a game, it is possible for some gamers to completely ignore anything going on around them. How many people have you tried several times to get their attention while they were playing a game, only to have to end up doing something to them? Sometimes the graphics don’t have to be super real to loose someone’s senses to the computer. If you concentrate on a game hard and long enough, outside distractions dissolve and you become one with your avatar. All you have to do is loose your senses and the virtual world becomes as real as day and the source disappears.


Shut up or I’m turning this car around….

Not much can keep todays kids entertained anywhere, least of all in the car, unless they are multitasking 20 activities to keep them occupied. Not so with this new form of GPS usage being researched in Sweden where they are taking a laptop and GPS system combination to track where the car is and to integrate the cars surroundings into a murder mystery.

The basic idea is to start the game off in a primarily audio-based murder mystery scenario where “actual forests, skyscrapers, and rivers” become part of the story, giving children (or adults, too) a way to virtually interact with their surroundings while traveling. The laptop uses the GPS data to maintain a 3D model which keeps the vehicle correctly positioned in the virtual world, and much “like a novel,” the story unfolds as different turns (ahem) take place based on the decisions players make

If this technology ever gets to the states one of two things would happen. 1. Families who still travel by car would get to their destination with far more sanity intact than in previous years(It definitely beats what I used to do while traveling in the back seat…watch t.v. or play my gameboy) or 2. Create more traffic atrocities  as this would easily fall under the distract everyone in the car idea, where the driver is not excluded from participating. Probably one of the only ways to keep the driver from participating would be to give them headphones(which is illegal by the way) or require that the backseat passengers have headphones to keep the driver from hearing it

All this and more time wasting technology at’s, blog

Curiosity killed the tech student…

Movie Mania : if your wanting to know if a movie is worth your 9 dollars to see, then this is a site for you. It talks about the actors, the plots and anything else you might want to know about things coming out on the silver screen. This site has many posters that cover a range of topics from movie plots and actors to justice being served. Here you can also get links to blogs from some of the people who make the movies as well.

If you’re interested in todays technology then check this site out. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, written by Awesom-o, it covers a variety of artificial intelligence  and robotic updates that have the possibility of becoming common  technology and everyday household items from small huggable creatures to better faster processors. It even has stories that concern fictional technology being put to use in the home.

Here are a few links that might be of interest to you as well, even if they may or may not be true blogs: behind the scenes at Disney, the inner workings of everyday items, another movie list, and photoshop nerds. I found some of these sites while poking around on Google searching for blogs that might interest me involving animatronics and special effects. And in case you are wondering, the image I have at the top is a picture that I found of some baby penguins that I took into photoshop. I gave the baby penguins the beer bottle and the Starbucks cup. The posture of the baby penguin on the left is what led me to do the picture. He already looked a little drunk, and the one on the right looked a little buzzed on caffeine too.

Portal to a strange mind…

Hello there. This is my blog created for my use during my class. Here I hope to share devious insights to my own little world, whether they be mundane or down right weird to most folks, but first a little information about myself. I like animatronics! You know- the Terminator endoskeleton, the Jurassic Park dinosaurs, Johnny5(# 5 from Short Circuit), etc. I could go on for hours naming characters and movies that have had some small special effect to bring about their story. The behind-the-scenes effects have always fascinated me since I was about 5 years old when I saw a mini movie on the Jim Henson hour called the Monster Maker. As of recent I have been starting to make some of my own costumes, even though they are slow going in the process, what with having to fit them all into a jumbled up schedule. I know one costume I have made has made an appearance around campus- at the request of some of the teachers! I am working on more costumes that I hope to have finished before Halloween…